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Auburn University Soil Test Kit

Revolutionize Your Lawn and Garden Care with Auburn University's Soil Test Kit - Get a Custom Fertilizer Prescription for Your Alabama Home!

- Saves Time and Money: By using the soil test kit, you can save time and money by avoiding unnecessary fertilization and other treatments. The customized prescription will help you use only the necessary nutrients, which can save you money on fertilizers and other treatments.
- Alabama Resident Benefit: As an Alabama resident, using the soil test kit powered by Auburn University gives you access to the expertise of one of the top agricultural universities in the country. You can be assured that you

If you are an Alabama resident looking to discover the needs of your lawn, garden or food plot, the Soil Test Kit powered by Auburn University is the perfect solution for you. This kit provides a professional custom fertilizer prescription for your specific yard or garden needs. With the help of Auburn University's expert soil scientists, you can be confident that you are receiving accurate and reliable results. The kit is easy to use and comes with step-by-step instructions for collecting and submitting your soil sample. By using this soil test kit, you can ensure that your plants are receiving the nutrients they need to thrive and grow. Invest in your garden's health with the Soil Test Kit powered by Auburn University.